Shiatsu Massage Therapy – One of Japan’s Best Gifts to the World.


by John Kunihiro The Japanese population is the healthiest, and they live the longest in the world generally. What can we learn from them? One Japanese cultural practice is to look for natural healing treatments before resulting in pharmaceutical pills and surgeries.  In addition to acupuncture, Shiatsu massage is one of the most popular healing…

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Stress & Acupuncture

by John Kunihiro Stress is a natural nonspecific response of the body to the various demands we place upon it.  However, stress is not necessarily negative. There is a distinction between healthy and unhealthy stress. Healthy stress includes appropriate physical exercise, good eating habits, positive thinking, adequate rest, and a natural response to emergency situations.…

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Scientific Introduction to Acupuncture


Please join me in welcoming guest blogger: Peter Jones.  Peter Jones has been in practice since 1991, and he is a doctor of oriental medicine with a concentration on Chinese medicine, manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation, trauma therapy, and holistic health & mind-body integration techniques. He takes a scientific approach towards oriental medicine and has a…

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Time to Listen – COVID-19

I read the other day that due to the reduction in the hustle and bustle on Mother Earth’s surface, seismologists can now hear deeper and more accurately into her core. Apparently, cars, trucks, airplanes and even human foot traffic make up an ongoing hum, and only with a gigantic slow down for an extended period…

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Lessons to be Learned from a Global Pandemic – Covid-19


Transform your life and community. The COVID-19 viral pandemic presents an opportunity for all of us to increase our vision, spirituality, and worldly perspective. I believe that the health care services that the Art of Healing provides are needed now more than ever, and I am so humbled to be the founder and administrator for…

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