AOH Loyalty Massage Membership

. Save money
. up to 20% off each session
. No membership fee
. One (1) appointment per month or more at member’s choice with a discount price
. Members can give a one-time discounted rate to a friend or family member once a month

Single membership: $100 monthly 
No annual membership fee: The only requirement is that customers must show to an AOH staff members proof of:

. Posting a recent Google review
. Follow Us on Instagram
. Follow Us on Facebook
. Subscribe on YouTube


AOH CHI Membership

. Save up to $30 off Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Somatic Integration, Emotional Therapy, Massage, and Homeopathy.
. One (1) appointment per month. Each appointment rolls over for up to 60 days. Additional appointments can be purchased at an exclusive membership fee.
. 10% off on Herbs
. Easy automatic payments
. Priority on early monthly scheduling

Single membership fee: $100 once a year + $100 monthly, extra $10 for Dry Needling 
Couple membership: $150 once a year + $100 monthly, extra $10 for Dry Needling 
Family membership (up to 5 people): $200 once a year + $100 monthly, extra $10 for Dry Needling