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Art Of Healing

Alternative Medicine & Homeopathy Treating Your Mind, Body, & Soul

At Art of Healing, we specialize in various Holistic Quantum Medicine practices that address your health challenges and get you back to you again.
We offer acupuncture, therapeutic massage, dry needling, counseling, herbal medicine, homeopathy, skin rejuvenation, and cupping.
We are different from other healing centers because our healers, therapists, and counselors are outstanding leaders in their field and because we provide a holistic approach to healing, utilizing one or a combination of our specialties to help you achieve optimal health.
At your initial visit, we will consult with you, conduct a preliminary exam, and provide a treatment plan that is your roadmap to successful alternative medicine healing.

Our Therapists

Fernanda De Raphael Hodges

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Hot Stone Massage

Language: Fluent in Portuguese, English, Intermediate Spanish


Sandy Springs

Michael Sakowich

Senior Therapist - Acupuncturist, Dry Needling, and Herbalist

Barbara Jacala

Acupuncturist, Pediatric Care, Facial Beauty, Orthopedic Conditions

Rita Chen

Senior Therapist - Acupuncturist, Dry Needling, and Herbalist

Language: English and Mandarin


Sandy Springs

Jae Lee

Acupuncturist, Moxibustion, Tuina (Chinese massage)

Language: English, Korean


Sandy Springs

Joseph Sanchez

Acupuncturist, Dry Needling, Gua Sha, Shiatsu

Mila Kayser

Reiki Master

Language: English, Lavian, Russian



Terrence Park

Acupuncturist, Dry Needling, Gua Sha, Shiatsu, Cupping

Lauren S. An

Acupuncturist, Dry Needling, and Herbalist

Language: English, Korean and Japanese

Sherry Samuels

Massage Therapist

Sophia Reina Ima

Massage Therapist

Yoko Chibana

Massage Therapist

Language: English and Japanese


Sandy Springs

Rolene Jaffe

Counseling, Reiki Master, EFT Work & Life Coaching and Certified Journey Therapist

Dr. Carlos Alberto Ranzani

Integration Holistic Medicine Doctor

Language: English, Portuguese and Spanish

John Kunihiro


Language: English, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish


Google Reviews

Melanie Weinberg
Melanie Weinberg
Michelle was very professional in explaining why my body is doing certain things, and how to care for and process these things through my body. She advised me on my diet and really took the time, during the dry needling session, to keep a conversation going to learn about me so she can help me heal on all levels. Thank you Michelle!
Hannah Benson
Hannah Benson
This was my first time trying acupuncture and I was very pleasantly surprised! Michelle Arms was very detail-oriented and calm. She asked me about physical discomfort but also emotional. She explained each part of the process and answered all my questions and curiosities. The massage bed was extremely comfortable and I was given plenty of time to rest. The shop is inviting and beautiful! I am excited to learn more about the herbs offered.
Kyle Travis
Kyle Travis
Great therapist with great pressure. Highly recommend.
Rosane Santos
Rosane Santos
The best massage, acupuncture, counseling, homeopathy in the world
Patricia Correa (Pat)
Patricia Correa (Pat)
Spectacular acupuncture sessions with Michelle!
Rolene’s gifts touch all generations. I have personally and professionally seen the positive impact she has on those she serves. I highly recommend her to friends/family that are exploring ways to enhance life quality thru self awareness and inner work. If you are drawn to expanding your self awareness and inner joy, Rolene will support and guide you on your healing journey. .
Rolene Jaffe
Rolene Jaffe
Ive had several massages with Sherri Samuels and I thought I was in another world. She is brilliant, she has magic in her hands. I highly recommend her . 10/10
Brittany Crooms
Brittany Crooms
Rolene is an absolute Godsend! I’ve been seeing her for about a year and have worked through so much over this time with her. I'm not sure I have ever felt this great, centered, balanced in my life. It's like my entire mentality has shifted and I've refocused focused on me, my kids and business that everything is improving- sleep, relationship worries turned from stress to gratitude. It's pretty remarkable. I'm very grateful for all of her guidance and support so far. From the bottom of my ❤️❤️❤️
Hannah Krinsky
Hannah Krinsky
Rolene is the very best of the best! She creates a safe space for healing and growth, and brings with her an abundance of love and compassion. Her approach is different than anything I have previously experienced in therapy. Each time I leave a session feeling exhausted and lighter, in the best way. She allows me to feel safe and challenges me to face difficult things that I wouldn’t go to otherwise. Rolene is very versatile in the work that she does: talk therapy, reiki, journey work, tapping, life coaching, etc. She really does it all and partners with you to work on whatever you need in the moment. Rolene truly cares about her clients and is always checking in with me. It’s not just a one time a week for one hour…When you start to work with Rolene, you will feel that she is always with you and supporting you for every step of your journey. She’s so gifted and Truly, my biggest fan! I have been working with Rolene for 3 months now, and I am so grateful that she came into my life.

We no longer take Insurance. We take only VA.

Before booking an appointment for VA, please contact us by phone.
Atlanta Midtown: (404) 355-1662
Sandy Springs: (470) 552-4343
We can provide a super bill for you to file insurance.

We currently accept
The Veteran Administration**

** VA authorization requires V.A. doctor referral and can take up to 10 days to be approved.

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Our Locations

Art Of Healing Atlanta Midtown

(404) 355-1662

1709 Ridgeway Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Monday - Monday:
10:00AM - 6:00PM

Art Of Healing Sandy Springs

(470) 552-4343

154 W. Belle Isle Rd NE
Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Monday – Monday (7 days of the Week)
10:00AM - 6:00PM

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