The 8 Healing Sounds

The healing sounds of Yin Style Bagua can be as subtle as they are pronounced. I’ve been doing these practices for many years and I have had success in overcoming colds, insomnia, irritability, shoulder and back pain, fatigue, and poor digestion with these simple exercises. They can be done all as one practice which can take from 20 minutes to an hour to two hours or used as a focus to strengthen one specific organ or body function which can take 5-20 minutes a day.
In one sense it is a meditation that can be incredibly relaxing. In another way, when we do the practices we are stretching and massaging our internal organs and simultaneously creating a vibration to the specific organ. It is really amazing how it works and you have to wonder how much time it took somebody to figure this stuff out hundreds of years ago.
These exercises can be done in a variety of ways. They can be done standing, stepping, sitting, or lying down. The practice that you pick factors where you are physically and mentally and where you want to go. The moving practice tends to be invigorating while the lying practice is very relaxing. The other practices fill in logically. They are not limited to the physical way in which you practice. At this point in my practice, I have gone into the deepest meditation in the sitting position. I figure that would happen in the lying down position. There are many factors involved, yet it is incredibly simple and intuitive. Once you understand the basics you can easily control or at least steer toward your desired outcome. There are eight healing sounds within the Yin Style Bagua system. They affect the lung, heart, kidneys, stomach, spleen, liver, marrow, and whole body. When practicing the sounds they can be done one after the other as a whole practice or you can pick one or two in a focused way to improve the health of a specific organ function or to overcome a particular problem of health that you are dealing with. For example, at night I will often practice the heart, stomach and liver sounds in the lying position to ensure that I sleep well. Whenever I have a chest cold I will practice the lung and spleen sounds which strengthen the respiratory system and also help the body process the phlegm being created.
Whatever your physical challenge is, there is a sound or combination of sounds that can be tailored to ease your symptoms and work with your body toward a cure.
How do you learn these exercises?
I will often suggest these practices to my patients and can incorporate them into the appointment time. 
After I determine and evaluate the needs of my patients I can then logically suggest an exercise that will help alleviate the symptoms and steer toward a cure and alleviation of the illness. This empowers you as the patient to influence the disease and your overall wellness. Combined with acupuncture and herbology these practices can push your body towards health much faster than any of these modalities used alone.
Call or email me to find out what these amazing exercises can do for you.