Art Of Healing - Dr. Carlos Ranzani

Dr. Carlos Alberto Ranzani’s expertise includes homeopathy, western medicine (allopathy), as well as the treatment of psychosomatic conditions and he has been a general practitioner in Brazil for over 39years.
His philosophy and methodology are designed to treat the whole person with a balanced focus on the physical body, emotional health, and social and environmental influences. This innovative approach maximizes the individual’s ability to reach their optimal potential for balanced health and wellness. It was with his integrated knowledge and holistic approach to physical and mental health, and his desire to take healing to another level that Dr. Carlos established his private practice in Brazil in 1981. Over the years he has seen well over 25,000 patients and able to continue to develop these specialties and his life’s work.
Dr. Carlos was a member of the Fiscal Council of Unimed SJC for three years where he implemented many of his ideas and developed rules to improve clinical, hospital and medical conditions. He is certified by the School Health Center in the year of 1981, Brazil.

Homeopathic Doctor

Language: English, Portuguese and Spanish