I was born more or less spiritual but didn’t have the need to develop my healing abilities until 1996 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  This is when Reiki found me. In this day and age anyone can do a short course to become a Reiki master.  I come from a tradition of Mikao Usui, the father or Reiki.  It took me nearly 10 years to reach a master’s status. I understand we live in a time of airplanes and microwaves and I’m sure that most,if not all , reiki practitioners are wonderful, amazing individuals who want to help others.  When it comes to moving energy there are some things, and concepts that take years to understand and develop.

I come from a lineage that teaches how to transfer this powerful, universal energy directly into affected areas of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  Your higher self and your guides as well as mine are there to facilitate, so all I have to do is get out of the way. This is not a massage or aroma therapy.  You won’t see many crystals or statues.  This is reiki healing at its purest!

In addition to reiki treatments, I specialize in karmic healing for all types of relationships, addictions, negative loops, and destructive patterns we all succumb to from time to time. I do home clearings, chakra balancing, distant healing, etc. There are lots of amazing tools out there for our disposal but it all starts with reiki. If you’re suffering from any physical pain or emotional distress, come try this amazing, ancient form of healing.  You will instantly know that this is the real deal.  I’m looking forward to serving all of you!

Reiki Master

Language: English, Lavian, Russian


Sandy Springs