With over 18 years of accredited experience, Rolene Jaffe is a practitioner and teacher of The Journey Method, Reiki Master, EFT, a visualization therapeutic approach to mental healing that taps into the Infinite Intelligent Body Wisdom for cellular level healing. In your session with Rolene, don’t be surprised to occasionally hear her share about her own direct experiences as The Journey Method encourages such exchanges to enhance the patient/therapist connection.

Rolene’s career is full of amazing patient stories as they have trekked along their own journeys of healing, and she has had so many wonderful opportunities to guide courageous patients through various modalities that uncover and enhance purpose, peace, joy, and wisdom in their lives. She is a specialist in offering individualized coaching sessions and programs for the patient, both female and male, child and adult.

She is passionate about uncovering the gifts and opportunities needed to create a better, more connected, and joyful life for others and herself in the process.

Rolene’s Areas of Expertise include:

Stress & Depression
Sexual Abuse
We invite you to take a brave and courageous healing journey with Rolene. Give yourself the gift of awakening your own infinite potential.

Counseling, Reiki Master, EFT Work & Life Coaching and Certified Journey Therapist

Language: English