Sophia was born in Brazil and grew and trained for massage in Japan and Korea. She also became a professional football player. Three years ago, she left Japan to come to the United States to play on the American Woman’s league football Team.

Sophia’s passion for massage grew because she wanted to help others to have better life and make a difference in the way people live.

She believes when people are stressed, massage is natural medicine. By using techniques like Shiatsu, and stretching she found that it would be a great benefit for her clients. She can use her understanding of the body and natural relaxation to heal others.

In addition to Sophia’s outstanding massage skills, she is also a personal trainer. It is this combination of personal experience and education that lets Sophia fully understand the function of the muscles and human body mechanics. Sophia is much more than just a massage therapist.

Sophia believes the body doesn’t need just to be in shape, but you must learn how to deal with stress for your mental health. She believes touch is a very powerful tool for human beings to connect with their body and soul. That is why she uses her own passion for massage to give other positive energy to help them to heal themselves. Her great attitude, love, and caring will make you want to return to her over and over.

Professional Skills:

Deep Tissue
Thai Massage stretch

Massage Therapist

Language: English and Japanese