Acupuncture and Homeopathy
Herpes zoster (shingles) directly corresponds with the pathologic terms girdling snake cinnabar, as described in Chinese Medicine external and homeopathy.

This pathcondition may present on any part of the body innervated by the affected nerve ganglion. The disease’s causes can be identified as patterns that involved heat, dampness fire, and toxins in the liver channel.

The therapeutic regimen includes medicinal formulas, bleeding locally and distally, topical application of a medical of medicinal power, homeopathy, and acupuncture.

Chinese medicine and Homeopathy treatment of herpes zoster expedites the resolution of acute symptoms and prevents the potential for complications. It can also provide effective treatment for the rare subtypes that may affect the eyes, ears, and face, as well as complications such as posthepatic neuralgia, bacteremia, sepsis, meningitis, and encephalitis.

Western Medicine explains the etiology and pathophysiology of herpes zoster as reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus. The initial infection usually occurs early in life and presents as chickenpox (varicella), after which the virus remains dormant in the dorsal root or cranial nerve ganglion.

Once the immune system becomes compromised (stress, fatigue, old age), the individual is susceptible to reactivation along the dermatome innervated by the respective nerves affected.

In Oriental and Homeopathy Medicine, the pathomechanism of herpes zoster can be identified as residual exterior wind-heat evil that has not been completely eradicated; and residual heat toxin accumulation patterns.

Internal external or neutral causes, including external contracting, disharmony of the seven effects, sexual intemperance, or lifestyle irregularities, may awaken (reactivate) the residual evil toxin that had originally laid dormant. Once the toxin has been awakened, this can be identified as heat exuberance and damp depression in the liver channel and fire heat and accumulated heat toxin patterns.

Herpes zoster most commonly affects the dermatome of the thoracic and lumbar region and manifests unilaterally. At the onset, common cold symptoms (fever, chills, headache, fatigue), will typically present. A few days later, painful sensations (tingling, burning, or throbbing) commonly present along the affected dermatome; and then an itchy erythematous maculopapular rash that quickly evolves into vesicular lesions will appear.

The pain is often described as feeling like boiling water or a burning fire that throbs with every heartbeat, or like a chicken pecking, or a needle stabbing the body. A few days later, the vesicles will typically break open, crust over, and degrade; however, in some cases in which the patient has not been treated effectively, the lesions may become necrotic.

The Oriental and Homeopath Medicine Treatment

The therapeutic regimen for the treatment of herpes zoster at the early onset and during the acute stage includes the prescription of an orally administered medicinal formula, bleeding locally at the site of the lesion and distally at well points or corresponding channels, topical application of a medicinal powder, and performing acupuncture on the acupoints of corresponding channels.

The formula for Homeopathy a function as an antiviral to treat the root of the pathconditions. The combination of the treatment is to work emotionally and combat antiviral at the same time, such a conditions like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.