Art Of Healing - Covid-19

Transform your life and community. The COVID-19 viral pandemic presents an opportunity for all of us to increase our vision, spirituality, and worldly perspective. I believe that the health care services that the Art of Healing provides are needed now more than ever, and I am so humbled to be the founder and administrator for such a rewarding and impactful business.
Of course, our world would be better without a viral pandemic, but there are lessons we can learn at this spread and mitigation stage if we open our spirits and hearts to see beyond this global health challenge.
Here is what we can learn from this pandemic:

1 . Spending time with loved ones is and will always be a source of healing. Perhaps we will relearn how to spend quality time with each other without so many distractions.

2 . Healthy eating begins with healthy cooking and healthy cooking has always started in the home. Let us relearn healthy home cooking.

3 . Social distancing is a temporary health precaution, not a new way of living. Human contact is important, but boundaries are important too when the situation calls for it.

4 . Increased awareness of hygiene and overall general health. One of the best ways to ward off or endure a viral infection is through overall general health. Let’s take care of ourselves and then recommit ourselves to taking care of Nature too.

5 . Living with uncertainty causes anxiety but healthy living can help you deal with anxiety. It is not helpful to deny that this pandemic is causing anxiety. What is needed is to recognize that we are experiencing anxiety and address it. Healthy and spiritual living can help us connect with the universe and combat the adverse effects of anxiety.