Art Of Healing - Covid-19 Art

I read the other day that due to the reduction in the hustle and bustle on Mother Earth’s surface, seismologists can now hear deeper and more accurately into her core. Apparently, cars, trucks, airplanes and even human foot traffic make up an ongoing hum, and only with a gigantic slow down for an extended period all across Mother Earth’s surface has this hum subsided, and scientists are using this rare opportunity to listen to what Mother Earth has been saying about her internal system. By listening and researching, these scientists are looking to improve earthquake detection equipment and strategies and to learn more about ways to keep us healthy and safe. In essence, Mother Earth is willing to tell us what we need in order to be safe and flourish – if we would only listen to her.

Just like these scientists, we have the same sort of opportunity to turn inward and use this quiet period to listen and learn, to listen and learn about what our bodies are saying to us. Now is the time to deal with ourselves, deal with our hearts and make use of the silence to heal and thrive. Although we may not be able to make contact with others, we can make contact with ourselves, our inner selves. Now is the time to use this period of quiet to listen honestly to ourselves, to empty the baggage of lies, to stop believing something we are not, to stop fooling ourselves. Now is the time to accept our weaknesses, to give ourselves a hug, to touch the inner being of our hearts, to make contact with ourselves. Now is the time to rebuild your foundation and let go of fear, bitterness, and anguish.

Soon enough we will come through this pandemic. Will it be enough to say, “I survived.” Wouldn’t it be better to show how we as persons are better for it, despite it? That we took advantage of this quiet time to heal.