It’s easy to put off self-care when you’re busy, but taking care of yourself is essential to your health and happiness. Whether you’re a busy mom, a hardworking professional, or just someone with a lot on their plate, self-care activities can help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. In this post, we’ll explore some simple ways to squeeze in self-care activities during a busy week and help you prioritize your well-being.

1. Focus on the Little Things
Self-care doesn’t have to be big or time-consuming. Sometimes, simply taking a few minutes to do something you enjoy can make all the difference. Try listening to music, reading a book, going for a short walk, or indulging in a delicious cup of tea or coffee. These small moments of pleasure can help you recharge, refocus, and stay centered when things get hectic.

2. Use Your Commute to Your Advantage
If you have a long commute, use this time to practice self-care. You can listen to a meditation app, a podcast you enjoy, or an audiobook that will help you relax and unwind. You can also use this time to plan your day, write in a journal, or do some stretching exercises if you’re not driving.

3. Schedule Your Self-Care Time
Just as you would schedule a meeting or an appointment, make sure to schedule time for self-care. Even if it’s just 30 minutes each day, having a designated time for yourself will help you stick to your routine and prioritize your well-being. Whether you choose to take a bubble bath, have a spa day, or go for a run, make sure to schedule your self-care activities so you don’t forget.

4. Practice Mindfulness
Mindfulness is a practice that involves being present in the moment and fully engaged in what you’re doing. It’s a great way to manage stress and anxiety and can be done in just a few minutes each day. Whether you practice mindfulness through yoga, meditation, or simply focusing on your breath, incorporating this practice into your daily routine can help you relax and stay centered.

5. Learn to Say No
One of the biggest challenges of self-care is finding time to fit it in when you’re already busy. One way to do this is to learn to say no to things that aren’t essential. Whether it’s saying no to extra work projects, social engagements, or other commitments, learning to prioritize your time and resources can help you focus on what’s truly important and allow you to make self-care a priority.


Self-care is an essential part of a healthy and balanced life, and it’s important to prioritize your well-being even when you’re busy. By focusing on the little things, using your commute to your advantage, scheduling your self-care time, practicing mindfulness, and learning to say no, you can fit self-care activities into your busy week and recharge, refocus, and stay centered. Remember, taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. So don’t put off self-care until you have time – make time for it today!